science of the spirit, the journey within

science of the spirit, the journey within

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om namah: shivay

let there be peace


om namah: shiva…

om namah: shivay

let there be peace


the greatest purpose in life is to be consciously aware of having no purpose.

i read a beautiful quote today by blake- if you have the light of knowledge,let others light, their candles at it.

implicit is the understanding that one cannot and should not run around lighting candles(i.e becoming matches) but to become an eternal flame wher anyone may light their candle when the time is right.

implicit is the understanding that it is better to have a constant light illuminating the darkness than to have an occasional match flare up and illumine but temporarily……

om namah: shivay

let there be peace

allah maalik




Let there be peace….

When in Rome do as the Romans

Time once gone never returns

We fall, so that we can learn to rise

Men die, ideas live.

I’ve spent the last month in solitude, meditating and praying. It often happens that what we set out to seek changes with the changing times. This quest of mine started because for me life lacked purpose. I could not understand the point of life, of existence. To understand the purpose I had to understand why we are here i.e. creation. So I did that. And I figured out. And actually it now seems quite simple. But the fact is that this is something that can be experienced and not explained. Which brings me back to the initial dilemma- what is the purpose? As we evolve, the tougher the dilemmas become, perhaps every boon is accompanied by a curse and so it shall remain for that is the duality that we call life.

I thought that it is now time for me to reenter life. To resume the path id chosen for I learnt what I had to on this one. The reasons were primarily as follows-

1. The satyug, dwapr and tritya yug are gone. We have a small idea of their advancement. What the satyug was can hardly be comprehended. The fact that these yugs exist can be proven very easily. Whether we look at the Mayan civilization in America, the pyramids of Egypt, the Sumerian civilization, the Indus valley civilization and the knowledge of the Vedas, the advanced methods of ancient china. So we can ascertain that knowledge did exist. And somewhere it was lost. Libraries like the great library at Constantinople have been burnt, seekers and preachers of truth have been killed be it Socrates or Christ. What else is the kalyug? However the other side is that this universe was created so that an idea may experience. It then flows that as an idea is immortal one should do that which one must in that age. So, when in Rome do as the Romans.

It then struck me that, Rome rose and Rome fell. With this rise and fall, Romans and what they did also changed. Also if everyone did as the Romans then it would have never risen, and never fallen.

2. Time once gone does not return. Similarly what had to be experienced in other ages and yugs has gone and cannot now return. Thus one must live in the moment without worrying too much about the past or the coming future, for as I have maintained they don’t really exist.


We fall only so that we may rise. Can we as individuals and an entire species not challenge the vicissitudes of time and prove that we too can create a satyug.the past must not be worried about. That does not mean that you don’t have to learn from it. For while it existed it was the only reality we were aware of. And the past is the truest teacher we can ever have, provided we are willing to be taught.

No racer has only one race. He has many races. You can compare our life to one race in the career of the racer. For each good race he is appreciated and congratulated while for each bad race he is looked down upon and put to shame. If he falls and stays down, theirs nothing to be said, but if he rises and runs again, learning from the fall that he must better tie his laces, he is cheered. Finally on dying he remains as an idea in peoples ideas.

Men die ideas don’t. And creation is an idea. The more we as expiriencer of this idea can add to the idea, the better the subsequent idea gets.

It is possible that the four apocalypses of the elements of nature occurs, but the fact is that some knowledge stays on in our subconscious, in our ideas, for even a past life regression experience is but an idea amongst the many ideas that create the expiriencer of these ideas.

I have long deliberated about destiny and choice/ free will and it’s always been a paradox to me. Yes you do have the choice to react but is that it. The fact is that in that reaction you choose the next events and also get an idea of how you will be reacting in the future as well.. This is possible only if there are infinite paths chosen by destiny, for there are an infinite number of reactions. You may classify them into smaller categories but a reaction is not that simple is it. There is the external and the internal. There is always a duality. This would imply that destiny also evolves with us. It is not out there in the future, deciding our present and its here with us in the present. Your birth chart gives accurate predictions as do the tarot and other forms of divination. However why is it called a prediction. Primarily because it’s based on who you are at that point and what your current state of mind is. And we all predict. From the next party in power, to the prices of vegetables, to the population increase and a million other things. However, sometimes something unexpected happens. A glitch in the calculation and then the prediction suddenly becomes false, and all we have to say is- oh I dint see that coming.

Again, the duality. We operate at two levels. One at the subconscious and the other at the conscious. The subconscious is connected to the supreme consciousness of which destiny is a more practical manifestation. These sudden turn of events, these predictions gone wrong could be the subconscious taking control and thus changing what the predictions said. After this we again have to react, but this time consciously. And the process thus continues. Thus in the tarot one stops reading if the high priestess emerges because it refers to the hidden reaches of our subconscious and its manifestation i.e. our intuition.

And now I realize that even in Rome one must be who one is, and do what he believes to be true, for otherwise we will stagnate. In any race its better to fall and stay fallen than to run ten steps and keep standing there for the fear of falling or losing.

In our lifetimes we must learn first to be a human. We must learn to take responsibility for our actions. As I said men die, as will we all. Our ideas will live on. Understand that at each apocalypse, creation is destroyed, the consciousness remains, i.e. ideas remain. Understand also that we don’t use 95% of our brain i.e. the subconscious. We don’t know how to interact with it, how to understand it. Within this we will find the knowledge of everything from the initial creation to the final destruction. Interestingly, even our DNA are storehouses of information as is the svadishthana ckakra or the second chakra.

We can see the effects of us humans and our ways on this planet. We fight amongst one another, for so many different reasons but forget that we have only one home and we must live together within it. Sometimes I can’t seem to figure out humans. You can’t drop a bomb in one part of the house without affecting any other part of it. Yet we have armies and guns and bombs and fighter planes. We have millions dying and killing for mere ideas created by lesser evolved people. If you have to give your life for an idea do it for one that makes sense, or do it for one which is your own.

And this is exactly what im going to do……

To those who have realized that they have no idea I suggest for starters to listen to a song by john Lennon called ‘imagine’

To conclude-

You may say im a dreamer,

But im not the only one,

I hope someday you join us

And the world will be as one…….

Om namah: shivay

Let there be peace

Allah maalik

some answers on god…
Thank you so much for again asking me such a nice question regarding god being a myth and a philosophy of the rich. I too had the same question before I started praying and meditating.

What you say is partially correct. Actually it is the poor and the downtrodden that worship, pray and are in general closer to god. I went and stood in a huge line at the tapkeshwar mandir on shivratri. I had to reach there at 2.30 am to get a decent place in the queue. I was noticing the people around me. They were not rich people; some were lower middle class or middle class. God is something misused often by the rich to suit their needs. During my visit to the monasteries in leh, we went to this one monastery where there was a three crore rupee statue of the Buddha. I asked a monk why they have spent crores on building something in honour of a man who left a kingdom to wear a single cloth and live a life of simplicity. The answer he gave me was very interesting. He said that the people have faith. That every time they see that statue they feel that yes there is something beyond the difficulties of our daily lives, it gives them the assurance that some greater power does care and that it is watching over them and protecting them. The story of Pandora’s Box is very relevant here. After Pandora released all the evils in that box, the hope fairy stayed back to heal her wounds and stayed on in her heart. A very simple analysis of this story is that this feeling of hope is perhaps the only reason for our survival. It shows how despite the worst of conditions if we have hope we will still have a desire to see the light of the next day. In the absence of hope the smallest of problems will finish us. Every person has faith in this hope in some way or another. For a poor man hope that the next day will be better is the only thing that he has. This is manifested through his belief in god. That is why the poor man is often god fearing.

I personally believe that the concept of god/ gods is not the work of materially rich people rather spiritually rich people who due to their connection and oneness with the universe understand various truths. I studied anthropology in slightly greater detail over these months and it is very interesting to see how the fears of man and society keep changing constantly till they are given some explanation. It is the wise man and not the rich man that gives answers to these fears/ anxieties.  Humans have always had a desire to give a logical explanation to everything around them. I’d like to point out that the earliest religions and conceptions of god emerged much before the concept of wealth. This is true especially of the Sumerians (6th century b.c) the Mayans, Hinduism, paganism and many other tribal and regional religions. Before the phenomena of rain was known people believed it is indra dev causing havoc. (The rich man does not pray to him to appease him but many villages do. As an example satish bhaiya, who works at home, hails from the upper reaches of the Garwhal Mountains. From the 5th onwards there is a seven day pooja during which many villages come together to appease a demon who lives atop a nearby mountain. It is compulsory for every individual to participate. According to his stories during this time people get possessed by devtas and perform supernatural feats. Again none of these people are rich people. They hang horse hooves and perform various poojas the entire year). My personal opinion is that these wise men after having realized various truths try communicating it to the people. Now if I have to explain the entire concept of thought being energy, the importance of intentions etc, I can get but a limited audience of which some may understand. Thus these wise men devised gods to represent the various truths that they understood. So god may not physically exist and may only be an idea. However it is the symbolism one can derive from these ideas that takes one to different levels of understanding. As an example- bholenath

1st level- he is a ragged barbarian

(Who wears gold… yet chooses to remain unclothed in such a cold environment.)

2nd– he is a sanyasi. A man who has left all worldy desires and is solely devoted to meditation and a quest of understanding the unknown

(who is married and has 2 kids. He is said to have produced a child with mohini(lord Vishnu, during churning of the ocean) named ayappan or more popularly sabari mala sastha.

3rd – he is a god capable of great miracles who manages to stay detached and is not prey to his arrogance and ego as is symbolised by the person under his feet. The poison in his neck shows his ability to absorb the greatest evils for the benefit of mankind. The snake around his neck symbolises his control over his desires (negative or positive). The damroo, fire, trishul show how he can create as well as destroy and how in his creation (the tandava) he can cause destruction and the start of something new. The third eye is a reference to third eye chakra or the ajana chakra we all have in the brow area or in the area of our sixth chakra. Once this eye opens the world of illusion falls away and we see reality. So his destructive third eye does not really destroy things. It destroys the illusions or the Maya jaal.  If interested I can give you a much more detailed analysis.

4- This is how I view him. Pure energy. In his form as ardhanareshwar he represents the perfect balance between male and female energy- the ultimate objective of every human being. I pondered a long time over the fact that even lord ram prayed to him before attacking lanka and so did raavan. It is then that I understood that he is a depiction of the ultimate source of energy from which we emanate. This energy is either male or female either of which in excess becomes bad energy. The reason why he is called bholenath is because he knows only to say tathastu- basically this means that when you are fine tuned to this energy you can use it for good or for bad. The energy itself remains neutral as it is infinite. You can use it for whatever you want to. (Which is why this world is in a terrible mess. But I’ll write on that later.)

Besides this there would be hundreds of interpretations. This is how I had interpreted so I used this example. Each story, each feature everything can be interpreted at different levels, and these interpretations are what differentiates between different levels of understanding.

I personally believe that the rich that you talk of are the curse of this world.  They are the people who misinterpret and reinterpret all these noble concepts to serve their own personal desires. I am not rich and have no intentions to be although I can be. The amount of wealth does not matter the satisfaction you can derive from it does. This does not mean that I can live and be happy without a single penny. What it means is that I have learnt to derive the maximum satisfaction from the amount I get. I used to get more money earlier (I mean amount is same but there has been inflation), but I was not satisfied. Now in the same amount I find that I have maintained a minimum emergency balance I have been able to buy many things, invest in my room, books etc. I have simply cut down on wasteful expenditure and have learnt the art of being satisfied at least materially.

If you are interested I can discuss many of the conspiracy theories that discuss religion and gods and show how the concept has been perverted to serve the needs of the ruling classes. This is something that I have meditated on for a very very long time and there is a lot of information I have.

I am still working on my communication skills. The problem is I don’t really know what to keep out and what to include. There are so many overlapping areas that it becomes impossible to give watertight answers. I really hope I’ve been able to explain my perspective properly.

Jai bholenath

Om namah: shivay

Let there be peace.

some answers…

i wrote this in response to questions put up to me by my grandfather. the questions and answers were-

Questions –

Letter 1.

1).who i am, from where i have come and where will i go.

2)a dreamer cant see the waker, he cant know the waker, he cannot touch the waker, but he can become the waker.

Letter 2-

  1. Relation of mind and body
  2. What is meditation? why is it necessary?
  3. Earth, evolution. Phenomena called life.


The questions are mostly interrelated, so i have just written a small piece in which im dealing with them all-

Ill start with the questions of the second letter.

1)relation of mind and body.- to understand this we must first understand what the body is and then what the mind is.

The physical body that we have is basically differentiated cells coming together to form different organs which together form the organism. The more we divide these cells, i.e the more Subatomic we go, we find that these are made up of the basic electron, proton neutron, that every other atom is made up of. To understand this concept we must first understand the 3rd question- creation. Actually everything is energy, sound energy. I am sure you are aware that every particle vibrates, each atom, electron, subatomic particle vibrates at different frequencies. During the process of expansion, the particles vibrating at very very dense level, became solid matter in varying degrees. I would like to point out that there are millions of sounds that we humans cant hear. Like bats supersonic screams. Sound is actually anything vibrating, what we often confuse it with is our limited hearing range. The particles which were vibrating at higher frequencies became air and the still working on my theory on creation and evolution described through numbers.. ill let you know once its done. So energy converted to matter. Basically if each particle is vibrating then each particle has some kind of kinetic energy. It is my personal opinion that true potential energy does not exist. Even a stationary object is composed of particles that have kinetic energy. I also feel that in the future as technology becomes even better than what we have, the final product of all division will be pure energy. So energy became matter. To again become pure energy it needs to meet with anti matter. Our souls are that pure energy. It is this pure energy that gives our body life. i.e without this source of pure energy, our body that is made up of energy which has become matter will stay matter or lifeless. The soul enabes an organism to breathe in prana from the environment i.e take in energy. Actually we don’t survive only on oxygen.oxygen is a necessary evil. it is interesting to know that oxygen oxidises us from within. this is perhaps why it is believed we have numbered breaths.Anyway we also take in prana(according to yoga). Prana is energy. It flows through the body in over 700 nadi points. They are distributed primarily through our seven chakras. There are three main nadis or channels – the sushma nadi is in the centre of your body vertical, and has the seven chakras. The one on the right is pinangala or fire side or +energy side or male side, the one on the left is the ida nadi or _eneergy side, female side, cool side. Pranayam actually tries to balance the energy in these nadis. Anyway.

To move on to the mind. First ,there is a lot of confusion regarding brain, mind intellect, sub conscious, conscience and heart. I had gotten their definitions while trying to understand them. Ive put them here-

The brain

1).The part of the central nervous systemenclosed in the cranium of humans and other vertebrates,consisting of a soft, convoluted mass of gray and whitematter and serving to control and coordinate the mental andphysical actions.

2).Brain as the center of thought, understanding, etc.;mind; intellect.


1).(in human or other conscious being) the element, part,substance, or process that reasons, thinks, feels, wills,perceives, judges, etc.: the processes of the human mind.

2).Psychology . the totality of conscious and unconsciousmental processes and activities.

3).intellect or understanding, as distinguished from the facultiesof feeling and willing


1).Operating in the mind beneath or beyond consciousness


1).homologous structure in other vertebrates,consisting of four chambers in mammals and birds andthree chambers in reptiles and amphibians.


2).the center of the total personality, especially with referenceto intuition, feeling, or emotion: In your heart you know I’man honest man.

3).the center of emotion, especially as contrasted to the headas the center of the intellect: His head told him not to fall inlove, but his heart had the final say.

4).capacity for sympathy; feeling; affection: His heart movedhim to help the needy.


1).inner sense of what is right or wrong in one’s conduct ormotives, impelling one toward right action: to follow thedictates of conscience.

2).the complex of ethical and moral principles that controls orinhibits the actions or thoughts of an individual.

3).an inhibiting sense of what is prudent


1).power or faculty of the mind by which one knows orunderstands, as distinguished from that by which one feelsand that by which one wills; the understanding; the facultyof thinking and acquiring knowledge.

2).capacity for thinking and acquiring knowledge, especially of ahigh or complex order; mental capacity.

3).a particular mind or intelligence, especially of a high order.

4).a person possessing a great capacity for thought andknowledge.

5).minds collectively, as of a number of persons or the personsthemselves.

As you would have realized no one not even knows what these terms exactly mean. Go over them carefully and youll realize that quite a few functions seem to be overlapping. So ill proceed with explaining my concepts regarding the aforementioned.

The organ formed by differentiated cells is the brain… the grey matter and white matter inside the cranium. This organ has the function of controlling all other organs and making sure that things run smoothly. We have control over a small part of this brain(5- 10%), the rest of it is our subconscious. It is subconsciouss because we don’t know how to access it and use it properly. It does play a very important role in our daily lives although we are unaware of it. Thus were not fully conscious of it, but at the same time it is conscious and affecting us every moment. We can also use our brain to think. When we use our brain for thinking, it becomes the mind for us. I genuinely don’t know how it was established that the heart is the centre for feeling. I don’t think so. But i do believe its possible that on registering emotion the brain automatically signals the heart for regulating the blood flow. Thus a very happy person may feel his heart flutter, adrenalin rush, while a sad person feels heartache, or a depression in blood pressure. I don’t have any method to prove this but i hope someday this too will be proven by science. All feelings, emotions have to be registered by the brain before any other organ can do anything. if your friend abuses you, your eyes send an image of him in a foul mood, the ears pick up the sounds, the sixth sense picks up the anger. They are then processed in the brain and we become aware of what has just transpired. This knowledge will obviously create a fluctuation in blood pressure, making people believe that the heart is actually the centre for feeling. The intellect is when you are able to think rationally without being unduly affected by the mind( or the heart, in case im wrong). So basically pure thought is the intellect.

Now to answer the question regarding mind and body. We must first understand that the mind is a part of the body and without the soul, just like the body it dies.even if we take it to be a function of the brain, the minute the brain dies so will the mind. The purpose of the mind is to enable us to think. It is there in both humans and animals. Ill again go back to my theory on creation and evolution. I feel that when energy became matter it started working in unity making more complex organisms. . since it is a combined effort at the lowest levels, the earth is a very perfectly calculated system. Look at nature, we may tgink it is random, but its not. its perfect. We can either believe that there is a god who sat up there calculating everything and making this intricate web called life, or we can believe that energy as matter kept working together to create more complex beings. In this evolutionary process humans were created. Our greatest gift was our much more advanced brain. Physically we were nothing great but if viewed scientifically we are quite an amazing creation. In the human form the the brain can become the mind then the intellect, and finally attain realization. So the energy basically created us so that we too may get realized and then attain moksh or nirvana, meeting again with that pure energy from which we emanated.this also explains why arts of divination and astrology prove to be correct. Since everything is working together, it is all planned. The karma theory can also be explained under this theory(more on it later. Too long) This is why hindus belive that it is after a lot of births as different organisms that we get the human form. I also strongly believe that humans are an experiment gone bad. like the movies where artificial intelligence tries to overpower human beings. In reality we are the artificial intelligence that is destroying this world and wrecking it completely. Anyway, to come back to the relation between mind and body. We need to understand our body and our mind and let them work in sync to attain a good heath and find peace. A troubled mind leads to an unhealthy body, just as an unhealthy body leads to a troubled mind. So during our life as a human if we want peace and good health we need to mantain a balance between body and mind, which yoga does very well.

To move on to meditation and why its important-

The purpose of meditation is basically to empty your mind completely. Actually to meditate upon something means to think. You can also meditate by clearing your head of all thoughts save one. If you think on one thing only and empty the rest of your mind you are pretty much meditating.altogh they say it does not matter i personally belive that what you think and your intention behind the thought are very important, more than meditating as well. Gradually you will come to a stage where you can acces your subconscoiiuos as well.. to explain this concept further- our subconscious to us seems disorderly and very “wierd”.perhaps its just that there is too much information there for us to process. In my opinion even the awakening of kundalini is basically the making conscious ,the subconscious. The subconscious tries to communicate with us but is stopped by our mind, perhaps because the information is to great to be processed by us without practise. We have to understand that even if we can open the subconscious we will be experiencing it through our conscious brain which is not used to processing that much iformation. During sleep the subconscious often interacts with us through our dreams. It is interesting to note that while dreaming people move their eyeballs clearly indicating that they feel as if the dream is real(Ans2, greater detail ahead). The purpose of meditation is to be able to interact with your subconscious, consciously. Did you know that we have four kinds of sleep depending on which vibration range the brain is at- alpha beta, theta and delta. During meditation we consciuoly try to make our brain vibrate at one of these frequencies depending on how good you are at it.

Once we interact freely with our subconscious, our body is tuned(chakras are open and there is proper, balanced and even energy flow) and our mind is at peace, we understand our true purpose here- to mantain the balance. We are the only organism of being able to consciously alter our environment and surroundings. We can either emit positive or negative energy(used as good and bad here). If we mantain the balance the world will surely become a better place. As of now we are forgetting our powers which is very frighteneing. Even an unenlightened mans intentions have a very strong impact on the ethers and on himself.. We remain ignorant and in our ignorance we bring about our doom and that of this world.

We also gain many new powers (teleportation, levitation,healing, divination, psychic powers, telekinesis etc). These powers make it seem like enlightened ones are gods or god like. Jesus Christ used to heal people, moses walked on water, guru nanak did many kinds of magic, sai baba made seven forms of himself and went to the houses of all who had invited him, lord Krishna recreated himelf and danced with the many gopis. Padmasabhava, predicted the future and the lsit goes on.

Now to answer the question regarding the dreamer and the waker.

First of all we don’t really know if life is not a dream. You see, everything you see, hear touch feel is basically an electrical impulse. The sense organs absorb evrthing as stimuli in the form of an electrical impulse, which is then processed by the brain. So the final image or sound is created by the brain after processing the signals. If your dream is very realistic you will feel as if it is real. Actually during a dream you do feel its reality( the moving eyeballs i refrred to). So we don’t really know what really is a dream.

On a more philosophical interpretation- it is true we are dreamers. We are  not aware of who we are. Our lives go by in a buzz and at the end of it we sit back to think— what was the point, why did i really come here. As i explained meditation is the art of waking up gradually, in phases. Like the alarm for a cold winter morning. We put 7 different alarms, each with a different tone. Finally after an hour we manage to wake up. If however we do not try to wake up, this life passes by as a dream,a dream we had no control over, a dream we witnessed. Which is why we need to learn to make choices( refer article- paradox of life).

At the end however death is always an eye opener. When we die our soul leaves our body and in the state of pure energy we realize what or who we truly are. But then we don’t have much choice in choosing the next life and we get stuck in that viscious circle again.(refer- paradox of life)

To sum up. Energy converted to matter, due to the inherent duality of  nothing being nothing and everything. This energy turned to matter derived its existence from pure energy (soul). Thus guided by the energy, matter created from energy itself, started forming more complex organisms with different functions. The human being was formd and given many special powers(we misused most of them), the greatest being to understand creation and our purpose here, so that we may help the energy (soul) reunite with the ultimate energy source. This has been well explained in the gita when lord Krishna shows arjun how everything is a part and manifestation of him and how the purpose of life is to attain him, i.e to again become a part of him.

I do sincerely hope, i could clarify some of your questions. Please let me know your views and opinions on them. Thank you for the questions, they truly have provided me Socratic insight.

Jai bholenath

Om namah: shivay

Let there be peace.

paradox of life

Do we really have a choice???

Or do we think we have a choice???

Destiny, horoscopes, tarot and numerous other divination arts show the future events quite clearly… they also give you a pretty clear idea of what you are like, your characteristics, behaviour patterns and so on so forth. Since science offers no explanation on either of these fronts or for that matter even on what happens after death, why do somethings have life and others don’t; ill presume that the reincarnation  theory is correct. Every civilization has a different take on it but the concept that you keep changing bodies and that there is a subtle energy, consciousness, soul, mana, prana that is the reason for this physical body to have life; is similar.

It is important to understand these concepts because in the absence of this knowledge our life is pretty much useless. Look around you once- absorb the complexities of life. Think and ask yourself- whether there is a god or not this surely is a very very complicated system-  look at the billions of organisms, the billions of different kinds of inanimate objects, the perfectly aligned solar system, nestled in some small part of the milky way, which itself is a microscopic part of this universe. Do you feel as small and microscopic as i do. If yes congratulations. This is the start of your curiosity. We all perceive differently and understand differently- some things however are universal. We use only 5-10% of our brain. Many psychologists generally inspired by carl jung have started looking into archetypes, Kantian categorical imperatives, archetypes which all basically point to the fact that there are some basic truths that may be inherent in our subconscious. As we learn to open up more of this greater truths are revealed. We have to understand that there may be many truths that lead to the final truth.  Till we achieve that truth the best we can do is help one another on this path so that we climb the ladder faster and understand these truths, that are a part of the one truth.

According to the karma theory, we get our next life depending on our karma in this life. So if you have a lot of negative karma your life wont be that good and so on so forth. If viewed logically it makes sense. Everything we think , say or do has an impact, it stays in the ethers. Take this article for example-

1.after you read it, it doesn’t get destroyed- it stays- like the journals hundered years old.

2. This also has an implication for me. Since i have written this my intentions behind it will also rebound manifold and come back to me in the form of more knowledge from any source. So i will absorb the rebound(in this case positive karma).

3.when anyone reads this they will react in some way or another. Someone may feel happy, someone may feel that it takes away the fun of life, someone may feel depressed. I will also be affected by these vibrations or energies emitted.

In this way we can understand how everything we think, say or do has an implication. And this explains the karma theory.(more on this in following articles)


Ok this was the easy part. If suppose ive absorbed a lot of negative karma then in my next life well presume that ive had a horrible birth, ive lived in the worst of conditions, seen hunger and violence from childhood. The time of my birth was such that i am a very angry person, impulsive and one who thinks later acts i, equipped with all this have to deal with negative events and situations also predetermined owing to my karma.

Gandhi ji was a great man there is no doubt. But he had a very decent childhood, love affection and positive energy around him. This enabled him to bulid his conscience helping him to react in a way that was populraized as satygraha. Hitler on the other hand, did not have a great temperament(you can check the numerological reason/ lexigrams for more). He grew up in very different circumstances and this made him react to events in a certain way. This was popularized as Nazism.

There is famous line that goes- vahi hota hai jo manzoore khuda hota hai. In that case what is the purpose of life

Do we really have control. I know its a little difficult to understand this because we subconsciously fight the feeling of initial hopelessness accompanied by this understanding. If you feel hopeless and are no longer sure of what you are here to do. Congratulations- you have taken your first step on the road called life. I would request you at this point to simly relax, breathe deeply, let the air flow, feel the energy within you and relax completely. Om namah shivay. Let there be peace. Let your head feel empty, if you wish you can picture a white light there. After you have clamed yourselves, look within yourself and ask yourself what are you doing with your life- is it what you wanty to do or something youre doing because everybody else is doing the same. Ask yourself are you straying from the herd of sheep to look what lies beyond the ridge in the distance or are you simply following the rest back to the slaughter house. We must have a reason for why we are here.

Everything in nature has a purpose- yet we the most evolved of all organisms seem so purposeless. What do we contribute to this world. Where everything is in perfect balance we cause havoc. I am sorry for saying this but we humans are truly a cancerous  species. we take and take without ever repaying. Look around you and see what we have done to this world. See what we have done to ourselves. We have become so materialistic, so dependent on external factors that we have forgotten the value of what we are. Its like a cancer with differentiated and increasingly dangerous cells. We find numerous reasons to fight, to hate to get angry- for what.

The reason for this is that we don’t choose at all. We just live life deriving our purpose from the complications we create. Negative energy for some reason always accumulates much faster, because those who do good don’t really want a reward for it and thus forget it. The negative however stays on- its like an insect that eats us from within and causes us to behave in weird ways, to make wrong choies. This keeps accumulating over our lifetimes (reincarnations) and we get stuck in a viscious cycle. The only way out of this circle is to learn to make choices. It is to learn to react in the right way.

We need to learn and focus on human life, understand ourselves better, understand  our purpose here on this earth, understand the reason for creation. Like i said there maybe many truths leading to the ultimate truth. Let us all try and understand them.

‘ the only thing  in this world that increases on sharing is knowledge’.  I request you very humbly to share any knowledge you may have. If you have any questions you would like me to answer i would be thankful and would try to do so as soon as possible. Socrates used to teach his pupils to ask the right questions. I hope that in your questions i shall find socratic insight.


Om Namah: Shivay

Let there be peace.