om namah: shiva…

om namah: shivay

let there be peace


the greatest purpose in life is to be consciously aware of having no purpose.

i read a beautiful quote today by blake- if you have the light of knowledge,let others light, their candles at it.

implicit is the understanding that one cannot and should not run around lighting candles(i.e becoming matches) but to become an eternal flame wher anyone may light their candle when the time is right.

implicit is the understanding that it is better to have a constant light illuminating the darkness than to have an occasional match flare up and illumine but temporarily……

om namah: shivay

let there be peace

allah maalik





Let there be peace….

When in Rome do as the Romans

Time once gone never returns

We fall, so that we can learn to rise

Men die, ideas live.

I’ve spent the last month in solitude, meditating and praying. It often happens that what we set out to seek changes with the changing times. This quest of mine started because for me life lacked purpose. I could not understand the point of life, of existence. To understand the purpose I had to understand why we are here i.e. creation. So I did that. And I figured out. And actually it now seems quite simple. But the fact is that this is something that can be experienced and not explained. Which brings me back to the initial dilemma- what is the purpose? As we evolve, the tougher the dilemmas become, perhaps every boon is accompanied by a curse and so it shall remain for that is the duality that we call life.

I thought that it is now time for me to reenter life. To resume the path id chosen for I learnt what I had to on this one. The reasons were primarily as follows-

1. The satyug, dwapr and tritya yug are gone. We have a small idea of their advancement. What the satyug was can hardly be comprehended. The fact that these yugs exist can be proven very easily. Whether we look at the Mayan civilization in America, the pyramids of Egypt, the Sumerian civilization, the Indus valley civilization and the knowledge of the Vedas, the advanced methods of ancient china. So we can ascertain that knowledge did exist. And somewhere it was lost. Libraries like the great library at Constantinople have been burnt, seekers and preachers of truth have been killed be it Socrates or Christ. What else is the kalyug? However the other side is that this universe was created so that an idea may experience. It then flows that as an idea is immortal one should do that which one must in that age. So, when in Rome do as the Romans.

It then struck me that, Rome rose and Rome fell. With this rise and fall, Romans and what they did also changed. Also if everyone did as the Romans then it would have never risen, and never fallen.

2. Time once gone does not return. Similarly what had to be experienced in other ages and yugs has gone and cannot now return. Thus one must live in the moment without worrying too much about the past or the coming future, for as I have maintained they don’t really exist.


We fall only so that we may rise. Can we as individuals and an entire species not challenge the vicissitudes of time and prove that we too can create a satyug.the past must not be worried about. That does not mean that you don’t have to learn from it. For while it existed it was the only reality we were aware of. And the past is the truest teacher we can ever have, provided we are willing to be taught.

No racer has only one race. He has many races. You can compare our life to one race in the career of the racer. For each good race he is appreciated and congratulated while for each bad race he is looked down upon and put to shame. If he falls and stays down, theirs nothing to be said, but if he rises and runs again, learning from the fall that he must better tie his laces, he is cheered. Finally on dying he remains as an idea in peoples ideas.

Men die ideas don’t. And creation is an idea. The more we as expiriencer of this idea can add to the idea, the better the subsequent idea gets.

It is possible that the four apocalypses of the elements of nature occurs, but the fact is that some knowledge stays on in our subconscious, in our ideas, for even a past life regression experience is but an idea amongst the many ideas that create the expiriencer of these ideas.

I have long deliberated about destiny and choice/ free will and it’s always been a paradox to me. Yes you do have the choice to react but is that it. The fact is that in that reaction you choose the next events and also get an idea of how you will be reacting in the future as well.. This is possible only if there are infinite paths chosen by destiny, for there are an infinite number of reactions. You may classify them into smaller categories but a reaction is not that simple is it. There is the external and the internal. There is always a duality. This would imply that destiny also evolves with us. It is not out there in the future, deciding our present and its here with us in the present. Your birth chart gives accurate predictions as do the tarot and other forms of divination. However why is it called a prediction. Primarily because it’s based on who you are at that point and what your current state of mind is. And we all predict. From the next party in power, to the prices of vegetables, to the population increase and a million other things. However, sometimes something unexpected happens. A glitch in the calculation and then the prediction suddenly becomes false, and all we have to say is- oh I dint see that coming.

Again, the duality. We operate at two levels. One at the subconscious and the other at the conscious. The subconscious is connected to the supreme consciousness of which destiny is a more practical manifestation. These sudden turn of events, these predictions gone wrong could be the subconscious taking control and thus changing what the predictions said. After this we again have to react, but this time consciously. And the process thus continues. Thus in the tarot one stops reading if the high priestess emerges because it refers to the hidden reaches of our subconscious and its manifestation i.e. our intuition.

And now I realize that even in Rome one must be who one is, and do what he believes to be true, for otherwise we will stagnate. In any race its better to fall and stay fallen than to run ten steps and keep standing there for the fear of falling or losing.

In our lifetimes we must learn first to be a human. We must learn to take responsibility for our actions. As I said men die, as will we all. Our ideas will live on. Understand that at each apocalypse, creation is destroyed, the consciousness remains, i.e. ideas remain. Understand also that we don’t use 95% of our brain i.e. the subconscious. We don’t know how to interact with it, how to understand it. Within this we will find the knowledge of everything from the initial creation to the final destruction. Interestingly, even our DNA are storehouses of information as is the svadishthana ckakra or the second chakra.

We can see the effects of us humans and our ways on this planet. We fight amongst one another, for so many different reasons but forget that we have only one home and we must live together within it. Sometimes I can’t seem to figure out humans. You can’t drop a bomb in one part of the house without affecting any other part of it. Yet we have armies and guns and bombs and fighter planes. We have millions dying and killing for mere ideas created by lesser evolved people. If you have to give your life for an idea do it for one that makes sense, or do it for one which is your own.

And this is exactly what im going to do……

To those who have realized that they have no idea I suggest for starters to listen to a song by john Lennon called ‘imagine’

To conclude-

You may say im a dreamer,

But im not the only one,

I hope someday you join us

And the world will be as one…….

Om namah: shivay

Let there be peace

Allah maalik