paradox of life

Do we really have a choice???

Or do we think we have a choice???

Destiny, horoscopes, tarot and numerous other divination arts show the future events quite clearly… they also give you a pretty clear idea of what you are like, your characteristics, behaviour patterns and so on so forth. Since science offers no explanation on either of these fronts or for that matter even on what happens after death, why do somethings have life and others don’t; ill presume that the reincarnation  theory is correct. Every civilization has a different take on it but the concept that you keep changing bodies and that there is a subtle energy, consciousness, soul, mana, prana that is the reason for this physical body to have life; is similar.

It is important to understand these concepts because in the absence of this knowledge our life is pretty much useless. Look around you once- absorb the complexities of life. Think and ask yourself- whether there is a god or not this surely is a very very complicated system-  look at the billions of organisms, the billions of different kinds of inanimate objects, the perfectly aligned solar system, nestled in some small part of the milky way, which itself is a microscopic part of this universe. Do you feel as small and microscopic as i do. If yes congratulations. This is the start of your curiosity. We all perceive differently and understand differently- some things however are universal. We use only 5-10% of our brain. Many psychologists generally inspired by carl jung have started looking into archetypes, Kantian categorical imperatives, archetypes which all basically point to the fact that there are some basic truths that may be inherent in our subconscious. As we learn to open up more of this greater truths are revealed. We have to understand that there may be many truths that lead to the final truth.  Till we achieve that truth the best we can do is help one another on this path so that we climb the ladder faster and understand these truths, that are a part of the one truth.

According to the karma theory, we get our next life depending on our karma in this life. So if you have a lot of negative karma your life wont be that good and so on so forth. If viewed logically it makes sense. Everything we think , say or do has an impact, it stays in the ethers. Take this article for example-

1.after you read it, it doesn’t get destroyed- it stays- like the journals hundered years old.

2. This also has an implication for me. Since i have written this my intentions behind it will also rebound manifold and come back to me in the form of more knowledge from any source. So i will absorb the rebound(in this case positive karma).

3.when anyone reads this they will react in some way or another. Someone may feel happy, someone may feel that it takes away the fun of life, someone may feel depressed. I will also be affected by these vibrations or energies emitted.

In this way we can understand how everything we think, say or do has an implication. And this explains the karma theory.(more on this in following articles)


Ok this was the easy part. If suppose ive absorbed a lot of negative karma then in my next life well presume that ive had a horrible birth, ive lived in the worst of conditions, seen hunger and violence from childhood. The time of my birth was such that i am a very angry person, impulsive and one who thinks later acts i, equipped with all this have to deal with negative events and situations also predetermined owing to my karma.

Gandhi ji was a great man there is no doubt. But he had a very decent childhood, love affection and positive energy around him. This enabled him to bulid his conscience helping him to react in a way that was populraized as satygraha. Hitler on the other hand, did not have a great temperament(you can check the numerological reason/ lexigrams for more). He grew up in very different circumstances and this made him react to events in a certain way. This was popularized as Nazism.

There is famous line that goes- vahi hota hai jo manzoore khuda hota hai. In that case what is the purpose of life

Do we really have control. I know its a little difficult to understand this because we subconsciously fight the feeling of initial hopelessness accompanied by this understanding. If you feel hopeless and are no longer sure of what you are here to do. Congratulations- you have taken your first step on the road called life. I would request you at this point to simly relax, breathe deeply, let the air flow, feel the energy within you and relax completely. Om namah shivay. Let there be peace. Let your head feel empty, if you wish you can picture a white light there. After you have clamed yourselves, look within yourself and ask yourself what are you doing with your life- is it what you wanty to do or something youre doing because everybody else is doing the same. Ask yourself are you straying from the herd of sheep to look what lies beyond the ridge in the distance or are you simply following the rest back to the slaughter house. We must have a reason for why we are here.

Everything in nature has a purpose- yet we the most evolved of all organisms seem so purposeless. What do we contribute to this world. Where everything is in perfect balance we cause havoc. I am sorry for saying this but we humans are truly a cancerous  species. we take and take without ever repaying. Look around you and see what we have done to this world. See what we have done to ourselves. We have become so materialistic, so dependent on external factors that we have forgotten the value of what we are. Its like a cancer with differentiated and increasingly dangerous cells. We find numerous reasons to fight, to hate to get angry- for what.

The reason for this is that we don’t choose at all. We just live life deriving our purpose from the complications we create. Negative energy for some reason always accumulates much faster, because those who do good don’t really want a reward for it and thus forget it. The negative however stays on- its like an insect that eats us from within and causes us to behave in weird ways, to make wrong choies. This keeps accumulating over our lifetimes (reincarnations) and we get stuck in a viscious cycle. The only way out of this circle is to learn to make choices. It is to learn to react in the right way.

We need to learn and focus on human life, understand ourselves better, understand  our purpose here on this earth, understand the reason for creation. Like i said there maybe many truths leading to the ultimate truth. Let us all try and understand them.

‘ the only thing  in this world that increases on sharing is knowledge’.  I request you very humbly to share any knowledge you may have. If you have any questions you would like me to answer i would be thankful and would try to do so as soon as possible. Socrates used to teach his pupils to ask the right questions. I hope that in your questions i shall find socratic insight.


Om Namah: Shivay

Let there be peace.


15 responses to “paradox of life

  1. There r thousands of question and thousands of answers its a maze and we are all finding an outlet….the more deeper we go vast it becomes, its beyond science, beyond phelosophy, beyond human imagination …im not looking for too many answers because i know he is there….omnipotent ,omnipresent and omnicient…i have surrendered and enjoying his bliss. His enegry prevades in evry single atom , in every vibration which is called prana.Every breath that moves in and moves out he is there….that is why in Vedas he is called NETI NETI not this not that, no definition but he is there in our discussion, in our thoughts, in our devotion ……..this is where he exist between you and me….hari om

  2. om namh: shivay
    let there be peace.

    thank you bhai…. it was very well written and i learnt a lot… i will also try enjoying this energy….thank you so much. but i have a question…. what is our purpose here. it is good to enjoy what you have but there has to be a reason. a purpose. like i said everything in nature has a purpose…yet why are we the most evolved of all species so purposeless. do you realize that most of usdont contribute anything to this earth and to ‘god’. loook at it thid way… everything his creation and what are we doing to everything?we take take take and take…dont we need to learn to give….. as humans we are capable of consciously transmitting energy….an average human has 75% negative thoughts in a day…. like most of my friends would think ive lost it and have gone mad….. very few will think positively as in that ive understood something and am trying to understand something that is way beyond our daily mundane lives…. if nothing else should not we at least try to fix the energy imbalance in the world.ill write an article on this…please go through it….
    i also thank god for having found a learned friend in you…. do stay in touch
    om namah: shivay
    let there be peace.

  3. An individual who has controlled his mind is the most educated man. He may not be instructed much, but he is an educated man. This is neglected in our modern education around the world.

    Many think that if they are specialised in computers and are able to earn a good livelihood that is enough. Merely earning a livelihood and filling the stomach is something that any animal can do. Then why is education necessary?

    Education means the ability to see the world in unison — macrocosmic vision. That kind of purity of mind is to be cultivated, to be educated. The purpose of education is to help you gain control over your mind with which you are going to work in your profession or in service of society.

    If your mind is educated in all your contacts with the world outside, there shall be an extra beauty, an extra dynamism, an extra grace — and that grace is the result of education.


  4. Let there be peace, indeed.

    It was a real pleasure chatting with you just now.

    You will have to forgive me as my understanding of chakras etc would be nowhere near as advanced as yours. However, I thought that I would give you a thought that has been in the back of my mind for a while and see what you think about it. I know that my idea below of using the chakras as an analogy for human development is taking the system out of context, but that is what the new age movement in the west has done…something that maybe you can analyse at a later time.

    The development of humankind as a species is stuck at the solar plexus level. We have mastered how to take care of ourselves (base), have been creative and used sex for pleasure (sacral), and are obsessed with having power over things (solar plexus). The obvious step next is for us to get to is love one another (heart), which is what you are basically saying.

    As a species we are relatively young compared to the millions of years that the world has been around for.

    Yes, there are a few individuals who have become enlightened and that is increasing over the past few decades. However, the consciousness of the rest of the species will evolve. It just takes time.

    I understand that someone who like yourself and more advanced souls might feel frustrated by those souls who have not made it past the obsession with the lower chakras, but it is a journey that we all must progress through over time.

    The human race will get there! Just maybe not in our current lifetime, my friend.

    • thank you for going through the article and leaving behind such a beautiful note…. i dont know what to say. what youve written about is what im planning to write in my book….i also feel that it is related to the chakras, because and this is what supports the theory the most-

      according to the mayans 2012 is not apocalypse but ascencion…. so the earth will start vibrating at a different frequency and well probably move into the fourth dimension… there is a possibility that we already moved into the 4th dimension in87 but are ot aware of it….

      and movement from the third chakra to the fourth chakra is ascension… also the coming era is of love and peace which is what the anahita or heart chakra is responsible for

      there is increasing consiousness because we are slowly realizing that life is greater that what the tv shows us. this is my my favorite self written quote…
      we derive the purpose of our lives from the complications we create…

      so in either case we are becoming more aware of this shift (whethe it has happened or is about to least we are growing more knowledgeble about it)…. ill let you know as soon as i am done… i need to figure out what we can do to accept and be a part of this change… ill send it over asap…
      thanks a lot once again…
      and your theory and mine matching just proves that mass subconscious does exist and that there are some truths which are universal….thank you so much look forward to hearing from you….
      in love and light

      om namah: shivay
      let there be peace

    • glad to know you like it….. do go through all the articles…..and please let me know what you made of them…;
      in love and light

      om namah: shivay
      let there be peace.

  5. Hey there brother, keshava here. I do agree that an element of peace is what would guide you to finding your purpose. But i am in a fix. For some unknown reason, I failed to achieve that inner peace. Maybe because gandhi and hitler have shared their childhood with me, or is there something else, that I am not able to figure out. Pleace advice. I wish to hold inner peace, and find my purpose in life.


    • om namah: shivay
      let there be peace…

      hello keshav, how are you?? first stop associating your childhood and yourself with others. most probably you are trying to find yourself in someone and then follow their lifepath…. sometimes there is no one you can folllow but your heart and your inner instincts…. please go through the comment by shruti….
      also you need to understand that its inner peace you want… definition its within you…look within and youll find it… i come online on at night. you can search for omnamahshivay at…. do come by my room and ill try to help you out with finding peace.
      till then, just remember that its inner. stop searching outside….. there is a doha by kabirs das ji about the kasturi mrig and how it keeps searching its whole life for the source of the smell, never realizing that the smell comes from the deer itself. we humans aslo keep running from dham to dham, ghat to ghat, never realizing that god is not in a temple or mosque, but within ourselves….

      i hope this helped…. please do come by my room…ok
      i hope and pray that you find the inner peace and direction in life that youve been looking for.
      in love and light

      om namah: shivay
      let there be peace.

  6. dear sanandan ,i am so happy to witness this amazing side of your personality.i am writing to encourage have already walked so much ahead of the rest of us.
    a young seeker,wow!!
    it gives me so much joy to read your thoughts so well written.
    pl. go thru’ T.S.Eliot’s “Four Quartets”;(or you have already read it.).
    you shall find an echo of your thoughts there.
    god bless

  7. Read your writings…very proud of you.
    God bless you, May you get what you desire and good for you
    Amit Misra

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