Control; the ascension next year and our role

Om namah: shivay

Let there be peace….

Let’s have a small test…..

I want you to close your eyes after you read the next line and see what image comes to your mind…. Please don’t be judgmental but read ahead to understand properly what im trying to show…..

“Did you read about the Muslim guy in the papers today?’

Most probably you saw a terrorist or a suicide bomber.

This is control.

How many of you saw a Muslim father teaching his children to walk, how many of you saw a Muslim mother lovingly putting her children to sleep, did you see nice loving families, happy playful children?????

It takes you by surprise does it not…. How immediate the reaction was, how little you thought.

Im sure most people reading would know how to drive….in the beginning it takes effort, after some time however it becomes something we do without thinking, effortless….

According to me this is conditioning…. Gradually you accustom your mind and your subconscious to certain things.

The biggest problem with our age today is our inability to consciously condition ourselves. We just follow the herd. Do you know the only bigger problem is that no one is leading this herd…. So we all keep following a herd made up of equally lost people….

We are human beings and this life has been given to us after a lot of struggle. Almost every religion believes in a judgement day of some kind. Why do we never question our purpose here? Why have we become so conditioned that we refuse to see the truth even if it’s staring right at us, in the face.

We all as conscious beings have the ability to give course to the herd. For that we must first learn to uncondition ourselves and then recondition ourselves. We must learn to open up to the universe and to god. This does not mean that we become religious… it means that within our religion we learn to become spiritual… we must learn to seek for ourselves, to reason and to understand what the reality is.

I have given but a very small example of conditioning, think about it for a while and you’ll realize that you are indeed a very conditioned being incapable of thinking beyond the conditioned limitations of your mind. You must remove these limitations if you wish to see in clarity.

I personally believe that there is no such thing as an apocalypse next year. It is ascension. This means that the earth will move into a different dimension, it will ascend from the third dimension into the fourth. The shift could also relate to our chakra system, in which case were heading for a transition from the solar plexus chakra (yellow) to the heart chakra or the anahita chakra (green). The characteristics of this age are quite similar to those that the solar plexus chakra is responsible for. (Please let me know if you want further details.)

In this case we are heading for an era of love and peace. However this won’t happen of its own accord. We need to make it happen. Please go throughthe following website for greater details. Although I have a lsit of other websites and books this one has done a very nice job of explaining the entire concept…(

Something similar had happened during the time of the Mayans, and a test group experienced ascension. This time however the events are favorable and if we wish it then the ascension can be brought about. I will now explain how and why it’s possible.

1). the world is connected. Thanks to the internet and constantly advancing technology the world has become a very small place. It is thus easier to communicate ideas and concepts across boundaries.

2) Science is slowly but steadily proving that ancient cultures did have a lot of knowledge. Phenomena like out of body experiences, auric bodies are now being rediscovered using technology (like kirilian photography)

3) There is a growing awareness and consciousness world over. There are some who feel the changes strongly while there are some who might ne mildly affected by it. The fact is that it is increasing.

4).I have already discussed my dilemma regarding destiny and choice in paradox of life, yet I use the term conscious beings. Seems ironical…the reason is that we have the power to consciously mould our future. If we do so then we are conscious beings otherwise we are conscious beings who because of their ignorance, unconsciously give up the power of being able to consciously change anything. However if we all can intend with pure hearts and minds then we can alter the world as we know it… remember mahatma Gandhi always said- be the change you want to see in the world… do unto others as you would have them do unto you…..if we intend then we can ensure ascension 2012

5) Increasingly people are believing in alternate methods of healing, they are once again turning to and believing in psychics and divination form. The fact is that everytime one accepts such healing or divination he/she is accepting the fact that there are powers above and beyond our comprehension….to all those unaware of these healing methods like reiki, shaman healing, angel healing, channel healing etc, basically what happens is that the healer channels the all pervasive energy from the cosmos into the patient. Since everything is energy, the channeled energy gradually fixes the patient by giving him/her whatever is required. Similarly if such people focus their channeling so that they channel love energy, or the green energy i.e energy from the heart chakra to our world, gradually the energies will be balanced.

6) The reason why our world is in a mess is because there is an absolute energy imbalance. We have 75% negative thoughts in a day. Look around you and see what we have done to this world, look at what weve done to ourselves, what weve become. We are all slaves of some great conspiracy, but the fact is that regardless of the conspiracy we are slaves. We must break these shackles holding us back from achieving our true potential and that is possible only if the energy influencing us is positive… as of now our mass energy level is going down because we in our ignorance cause so much damage. We must realize that we humans are god like. We are here for a purpose, and that purpose is definitely not to plunder the earth.

Materialism is required, it’s had many benefits, but everything in excess is bad. We are now so caught up in this web of materialism that we are not willing to try and look beyond, afraid of losing the false security that materialism provides.

We emit energy all the time. Make sure it’s always positive.

7) Even if ascension does not come about. Even if all of this goes in waste, think about this. You would have as a person changed for the better, you would be a conscious human being open to higher awareness, you will be able to understand and experience this life much better….. There is nothing to lose.

So I request you, if you feel bad when you look around and see that this world is a mess and you are helpless, if you feel bad when you look at politics and how dirty and fallen its become, if you feel bad for those that have been irreversibly emotionally scarred by this world, uncondition yourself and then recondition yourself.

Get up, be the change you wish to see in the world.

Spread the love, spread the peace, spread the happiness and the joy….

In love and light

Om namah: shivay

Let there be peace.


4 responses to “Control; the ascension next year and our role

  1. no offence bt most of us v gt 1 chance to prove ourselves to b wat r parents ve dreamt of us….we have no other option but to follow d herd….evn if its goin around aimlessly v atlst ve the feeling tat v r goin sumwhr…. goin on a road away frm others will make us feel evn more lost than wat v r already…

  2. om namah: shivay
    let there be peace.
    i agree, and i know its tough….believe me im expiriencing what it feels like to go off the beaten path. very honestly sometimes its scary, specially becausae you know its a path you tread alone and there are miles to go before you sleep.
    but on the whole its worth it….
    anyway i never propogated leaving what you are doing and sitting at home to pray the entire day… thats what i chose to do. what im saying is that regardless of what we do, you may be studying law, i might be praying or studying metaphysics, someone may be doing something else, what we do should be full of love. what im saying is that we humans are genuinely gifted with miraculous powers, the most important being that of intention…. so dont let the negative thoughts abound, intend peace and love regardless of what you are doing.

    take it like this, in a herd ther is alwasy a mood of the herd…. im talking about setting the mood of the herd….those that have to be shepherds will be, till then we can ensure that even this aimless journey goes in happiness and peace….

    i hope you got my point…. anyway thanks once again for coming by…….
    take care, its nice to hear from you….
    in love and light

    om namah: shivay
    let there be peace…

  3. i really do feel that we humans have come for a reason and there is sumwhr an eternal power wich really directs our soul to move along a path.. seeing other people and deciding wat to do is just, in my opinion, a waste of time, i have always heard my inner voice which guides me from within. its a messenger wich keeps me going..

    it takes a lot of courage and determination to do wat our heart says and who does that is someone wich much positive energy to be contented and willing to propagate same positive energy…

    we though are bound by our duties and obligations but sometime in life, we realise that we are really a part of a herd wich is going nowrh in terms of satisfaction and inner peace because noone exactly knows what to do and whr to go..

    • om namah: shivay
      let there be peace….

      thank you shruti…..that is true…. im really glad to know that you do listento your inner voice…it is very important to do so…. while replying to sakshis comment i realized that even if we cant give direction, we can set the mood of the herd….i really hope and pray that in your actions you give and continue giving a positive and nice energy…
      in love and light
      om namah: shivay
      let there be peace…

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