What you think

om namah: shivay

let there be peace.

Like i have said, there are many truths leading to the ultimate truth, there are many perceptions which when combined show us absolute reality, there are many people, who when joined in mind and in feeling create a forum for the divine to express.

We all are, in our own unique way, messengers of the divine pool from which we emanate- that eternal ocean from which we originate, vessels of the lord, paigambars of allah and the narads of vishnu.

Here, thoughts and musings of others, moving towards the same goal, on their own unique paths have been put down. The contact information for the authors has been provided. Please feel free to put up your views as well. You can send your musings, articles to omnamahshivaypeace@gmail.com. Kindly mention your contact information and the link to your webpage, facebook account or blog.

I pray and hope that in the meeting of minds, we meet also in soul and in spirit.

om namah: shivay

let there be peace, love and light.

Know the truth and the truth shall set you free.


we all have got a life and we all keep talking about it,”live the life’,”enjoy the life” but how to do that?? how many of us do really live the life?
to live,first of all it’s very much important to stay in present but that’s not as easy as it sounds. what is present? present is nothing but the transformation of future into past,till the moment we try to know the present moment, that already turns into a past one. sounds ridiculous but that’s true. secondly, we are always busy with our past or future. either we stay depressed coz of some past event or we keep dreaming of future. imagine how difficult it is to stay fully in present environment and enjoy the moment, keeping all other things out of our head. and when it is this much important to just stay in present, i hope you can understand how much difficult it would be to live the life!!
past events do affect us but thinking about them again and again or keeping them inside our head all the time does nothing but spoils your present and dont forget that your present acts will make up your future so it spoils your future as well. do what’s in your hand in the best way you can and leave the rest. enjoy the present moment!! enjoy the life!!!


we humans beings are blessed with an incredible power of choice. but do we really know that?
As soon as we are born so many things are put upon us and we accept all of them without questioning, like we are given a name, a religion, etc etc and we hardly care to know why? we just keep on accepting. after all this we are sent to school we are told to get good marks, we are told to pick a career! again do we question? no!! we feel we do but we don’t! i ask the same question again do we know that we have a power to choose, power to question?

at every point of life, we have atleast 2 choices and whatever choices we pick, makes our destiny! i know some things are out of our hand but destiny, to a very much extent, is in our hands!!
moreover, “kismat” as it sounds kis-mat..kis mati se kiya gya!! it implies that with what mindset you do a task. if you do it with a positive mindset, the probability of getting favourable outcome is more!!

so its useless to cry over destiny..know your powers, know your power to question, think before you accept things!! we see nice posts on fb regarding india pakistan, hindu muslim and wtc wtc but have you ever wondered whats the difference between pakistan and india?? what’s the difference between india and pakistan?? the answer is no!! we have seen movies which tell us that there are differences and we like idiots, accept them!! have any one ever wondered that india and pakistan are nothing but the same land of god and hindu muslim are nothing but god’s people!! think before you accept things!! have you ever wondered why are you hindu?? coz people around you told that and you accepted it!! what if you belong to a muslim family and you were raised by a hindu family?? well, i’m not trying put up a debate on religions my point is : in different parts of the world we consume different kinds of food according to the environment and all but does that make us any different?
the answers lie within you but you need to get some time for yourself..know yourself..pay some attention to yourself!! enjoy the life!! om namah shivaya


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