where are we?

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Om namah: shivay

Let there be peace.

Where are we???

Let’s get boring.

Let’s talk about what’s boring. Let’s talk about a girl who got gang raped so badly that her rectum tore and her organs came out amidst a sudden splurge of blood. Let’s talk about how on approaching the police she was made to have sex with a police baton. Lets talk about how when the lower two orifices were of no use her mouth was put on sale. Let’s talk about the dead spark, the listless eyes, the ruined life the utter helplessness. Let’s talk about the death of innocence.

Now of course who’s got time for this? Dude, it’s not a celebrity, and anyway who cares. The fact that shahid and karrena have this hot thing is way more important. Plus poker on facebook is getting too competitive. We really need to give it more time.

Ive always been a wee bit on the sensitive side. Full of compassion and love and helping whoever comes my way, helping anyone I think requires my help. Unfortunately I dint realize until now that I needed first to help myself. What is started with was not fiction, it wasn’t a gruesome opening to a useless story, it wasn’t fabrication. It was the truth. Believe me I never knew the realities of life. I met this girl today, I talked to her, I saw those eyes, I saw that pain and something snapped. I guess we are accustomed to not doing that which we are not accustomed to, and I think we are not accustomed to thinking that there is world beyond the secure walls are parents build for us. Maybe its not our fault, maybe our parents did the right thing by keeping away these harsh realities maybe it is a boon that we enjoyed innocence for so long; maybe it helps us understand that which so many never got to experience, that which was snatched away in ways more cruel than an extermination camp.

I personally have felt that more than the body it is the spark in the eyes, the will power that defines what man is. It is that desire to live to understand. Kill a man but don’t kill his spirit. It’s the spirit that lives not the man. You see in this case a family is ruined. The father couldn’t bear the humiliation of helplessly watching as his daughter was raped and then left in a pool of blood. He had a heart attack and also had relief. The girl was put back to work; her younger sibling’s one boy and one girl can never be the same. I won’t be surprised if the boy grows up to be a psychopath.

All this happened but the doors of justice still won’t budge. There are too many locks. The police might want to help but its hands are tied. Everyone has an excuse. Who is to take responsibility? I mean honestly, ask yourself, why the hell have we wasted our time and money to get educated. Is it for that awesome package, that merc and that holiday abroad? Don’t you think somewhere down the line we need to understand our responsibility to society, need to understand that things have to change. We take for granted many things to be right which may actually not be. Sati was once considered moral, no one challenged it for hundreds of years, no one challenged it till millions of women, died screaming for mercy upon a funeral pyre. Why did it take a raja ram mohan to change the entire thing?

I’m sorry the following parts might get a little more boring then the previous part. Quite honestly, anyone who does not understand the meaning of humanity, please go back to celeb gossip or whatever it is that you’re interested in.

The term can’t really be described as hurt. It’s more o a disappointment, something lingering between frustration, hopelessness and lament.

We are today what we would like to call ourselves as – the youth of the nation. The question is. Is the youth of our nation defined by a Pepsi bottle? Are we actually the youngistan because someone paid an actor crores to tell us that drinking pesticides makes us the youth of the nation? I mean come to think of it. What do we know about our country? How far does our vision reach how much of the past can we look into and learn from?

This country is supposed to be resting on our strong shoulders, relying upon the ingenuity of our black hair and yet we know nothing of that which we purport to be the champions of.

I have no intention of brainwashing people or of convincing you to believe in something that you don’t, I don’t wish in any of my writings to mean any harm to any one and would wish that none construe it as such. My sole aim in writing whatever I do is to try and spread what little I know and more than that to bring forward and to establish communication with those that know but prefer to remain silent.

Almost a hundred years ago there was a man by the name of bhagat singh who did educate people. He educated people in a state where the state itself forbade his writings, he courted arrest and took to the noose with a smile on his face because he knew that even in death he left behind a legacy, he managed to pass the torch of knowledge, to ignite millions of our unignited minds.

Today we are in the g5 stage of globalization. We have the internet shit cheap phone call rates and innumerous means and opportunities of communication. We have everything. The only thing we don’t have is a bhagat singh. I don’t say that we need to be revolutionaries and burst bombs, all I say is that we should at least use that which is our fundamental right. Something enshrined as a fundamental right. The freedom of speech and expression. All I say is that we should try, if not accomplish, to spread the knowledge, to at least try and live up to the aspirations of those that died trying to give us these freedoms. How many of us know anything about the politics of our country. Quite honestly I only know what I do because my syllabus demanded it. Gradually however I have started to realize that we need to grow up, we need to understand that our lives cannot revolve around emptiness and false impressions, we have to understand that we have to be the change that we want the worlds to see.

I wrote this with an intention of discussing any such issue as relates to our country, this world or for that matter individuals. What I plead is that anyone, and by that I mean any one. Anyone who feels that our country deserves better than its getting should express their views and spread the message. What I plead is that we all forget everything save the fact that we are humans and a hundred years down the line it will be our children living in a world where a Gandhi or a Hitler will be required to rig a change. You can buy a car. Take care of it and it will serve you well. Neglect it, keep it running to the point where it can’t take it anymore and you’ll have to sell it as scrap. What we don’t realize is that that new car is something we can’t afford, and if we do somehow manage to, it will be at the cost of many other things. Hitler did increase the employment rate drastically. Under him Germany saw unparalleled development but there were also 5 million Jews who were killed in conditions which I would shudder to even call inhumane.

It is now up to us to decide, do we want a stage to come where the opportunity arises for another Hitler, or do we want to take control and ensure that no one and I mean no one perverts that which is sacred to all humans, the right to live with dignity and pursue happiness. Quite honestly I have no right to be saying all this. I started writing this a week back and forgot about it. It took another case to bring me back to reality to realize that there is another world. This lady I met today had a three month old baby inside her and an eight month old baby girl in her arms. She was kicked out of her hose because the child she bore was a female. Yesterday she was beaten in front of the police and was threatened into taking back her complaints. What hurt the most was that even that baby, and believe me she is the cutest thing Ive ever seen. That baby was also hit with a stick. I saw the bruises on mother and child, I saw the reports, I got that feeling, that adrenalin rush where all I wanted was to get hold of that man for just 10 minutes, but then I realized that there must be thousands of such cases, and only when we all, from all over the country open our eyes, look around and try making a difference will we be able to help and address at least some of them.

So I request you all, whoever you may be, from whatever walk of life, if you have within you anything that resembles a feeling a patriotism, an essence of humanism, please come forward and in whatever way you can step up and try making a difference.


I wrote this piece more than a year back… it was one of the ‘triggeres’ that got me onto this path… i have not changed anything though of course i myself and my thoughts have changed. So this article is basically me: a year back… now instead of the country and society i am concerned more with the world both within and outside of us…

Om namah: shivay

Let there be peace.


One response to “where are we?

  1. its gud to express ur thoughts by writing but i cant believe in thoughts of a men who himself not implemented them till nw

    once a lady with his son went to meet mahatma gandhi in jail n told him that her son is having a bad habit of eating sugar 24*7 nd he requested gandhiji to tell him not to eat gandhiji replied that “u plz come aftr one week” she went back
    after a week she came back than gandhiji told his son that”eating to much of sugar is a bad habit so plz dont eat too much”
    nd said to lady that now u can go, lady got puzzled nd asked gandhiji that “sir y u called me today these words u can also told him last time”
    gandhiji replied”till last week i also eat to much of sugar so i might be less confident in telling him that but now as i controlled myself my words will be more effective”

    moral of the story: the words are more effective when u implement them on urself

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