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om namah: shivay
let there be peace
What is love????

Love is but a word., four random letters

With a certain innotation.

‘Love’ is but a word,

A word that confines us; limits us

It is what we attach to that word

What we perceive of it ; that matters

But wy lock it in confines

Love cannot be defined

Lets accept it and understand it

They say its about the eyes meetin,

The dancing in the rain,

The cuddling up

The love making…

But its not.

This is the glorified way of justifying fornication.

One thing about us humans.

We set things in our on perspective.

Some two love birds experienced something

Some romantiscist imagined somewhere

Some writer interpreted it his way

Some director portrayed it his way

Some actor played it his way

And we the rest

accepted it that way.

The thuing about Chinese whispers is

The organized confusion,

The graceful jumbling up

The very different and often funny end result

So many perceptions.

Our lives are basically about experiences

But experience is something you have and not

Contrary to our system

What you blindly follow and revel in.

I see on the streets of my country grown menholding hands and walking

I see them enjoying that feeling of oneness

Reveling in an experience

That which we no longer have.

We gotsome jumbled up version of events

What homosexuals are actually like,

What they really are,

Are like love…..

A distorted contorted image

And one that is successfully killing us from within.

I thought that we had gone beyond being macho and showing of masculinity

Yet it exists today more than ever.

To a limit where two friends will never hold hands

Will rarely hug

Will rarely bask in the glory of their love

A limit where a child is ashamed to hold his fathers hand

The same he held to walk

Because it is not cool

A limit where it is now only that which lovers are supposed to do

And something loked down upon

Spurned as publicdisplay of affection….

We are becoming more materialistic there is no doubt

The drug called money

Has eaten us up

Were addicted running crazy

Whats the one thing common with all drugs

Youre never, I mean never high enough..

The evening walks withparents

Bowed out qeitely

To the raised curtains

The era of the television.

The long chats

The talks on life

The real education

A sony playstation…..

Going on is imperative yet futile

However, the path must be stuck to.

The questions lie around you…

The answrs within.

What we think is love is actually not.

It is not the running in the rain.

The dancing and the singing,

These are but impure manifestations

Of the pure…

Love is that which exists between parents and their children.

That feeling where you feel the other is but a part of you

Asmall fragment that you created

The desire to protect you and pamper you

The felig that you are their god, their salvation

The wishing that you rise higher

That is love.

Love is that which exists between two  lovers who realize the immortality of the soul

The limitless fore of binding energy

The bubble within which they finally go to rest in that

Immense pool we call god.

It is more like the love of a parent for their child

The pure.

Come, be not bound

Let not these shackles

These horrible quantifications

Hold you down

Understand the power around us

The power of love

Feel it revel in it

Enjoy it

Experience it.

Why your neighbour alone?

Loveeveryone and everything

Be not afraid to show love

It is not a crime.

It perhaps the most beautiful part of life

That which holds us together

That which made us different from the apes

Amongst whom are anscestors roamed.

Come be free

Spread the love

The joy

The world needs not peace

It needs no conferences

Or international conventions

It needs love and its free expression

It needs the straenghtning of this bond

The absorption of it by everyone and everything…..

Like I said the questions are around you

The ansers within.

Understand but one thing

The answer lies in love.

It solves all the problems

When you grow food, love it

When you grow food, love those you grow it for

When you eat food, love it for feeding you and

Love those that grew it for growing it, for you

When you do anything, love it, experience it enjoy it

Every single part of it,

Every minute of it

Life is to short to be wasted

Pandora opened that box but why have we never once challenged it

What existed before was love what remained later was hope,

The evils however flourished.

Challenge it today this very minute.

We pride ourselves on being the smartest,

Then are we content with being the players of these evils?

Do we truly believe that the world is but a stage and we its actors

Is that why we live????

Accept it no more.

There may be pain, there may be difficulties

There may be disese there may be sufferings

But bring it in o you evil forces

Forthat which they seek to destroy lives on till today.

Weve battled with nothing but hope and love from the day that box opened.

Why disguise them?

Are we afraid

And are we in this fear hiding our strength so deep thatwe forget where it is?

We may be developed n the outside but its no good if youre hollow on the inside.

Oppose it, fight it

Love love love…

Love till the air itself becomes heavy with it

Love till it pervades all known boundaries all our useless limitations

Love till it becomes love


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